Hi, I'm Kara.

I’m passionate about telling true stories to inspire change.

I pursue this mission in three ways:

1. Journalism – I have more than six years of experience reporting for digital and print news outlets. I aim to do ambitious investigative journalism that spotlights important social issues and holds governments and corporations accountable.

2. Children’s books – I write children’s books with a focus on trailblazing women in sports and STEM. I am represented by agent Jordan Hamessley of New Leaf Literary.

3. Teaching – I lead classes and workshops that empower young people and folks from marginalized groups to share their own stories through art and digital media. My experiences as an educator have spanned multiple continents and involved students from preschool through adulthood.


(noun) a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning

Why do I call myself an aspiring polymath? Well, in fourth grade I wrote a list of about 13 careers I wanted to have when I grew up. Professional figure skating is no longer among my aspirations, but I have not abandoned my curiosity for diverse subjects.

In addition to the endeavors described above, I hold a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and have taken 27 credits of post-baccalaureate coursework in psychology and statistics. I am also researching the political history of Title IX, the groundbreaking legislation for gender equity in education.

Across all of my work I aspire to foster critical thinking and a belief in possibilities.

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