“Knock Knock” by Daniel Beaty and Bryan Collier

Knock Knock picture book

Last fall I heard award-winning illustrator Bryan Collier speak at an SCBWI event in eastern PA. When he said his latest book, Knock Knock, was based on a spoken word poem about a child with a father in prison, I knew I needed to get a copy.

Daniel Beaty’s powerful words and Collier’s collage illustrations (my favorite style) didn’t disappoint. Here’s the review I wrote of Knock Knock for Lancaster Newspapers last winter.

Every day a boy’s father wakes him with their special “knock knock” game. “Good morning, Papa!” the boy cries.

Until one morning his father isn’t there.

He’s not there to cook scrambled eggs or help with homework, and he won’t be there to teach the boy to dribble a ball or shave.

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