Last-minute holiday gift ideas for activist families

Innosanto Nagara, the author of “A is for Activist” and “Counting on Community” — both of which I wrote about in September — recently posted a “2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Activisty Families.” If you’re still trying to check off all the rad kids and parents on your giving list, go check his suggestions first. It’s mostly awesome children’s books, but there are a few other ideas, too.

2 Board books for baby activists

A is for Activist

OK, so I guess babies can’t really be activists, but they can certainly attend protests with their parents. And they can also get their first introductions to numbers and letters through activism in these two board books.

Innosanto Nagara’s “A is for Activist” was published by Seven Stories Press in 2013, and his new book, “Counting on Community” came out from the same publisher this week. Both feature vibrant, chunky imagery in an artistic style similar to many social movement banners and flyers (not surprising given the themes and that Nagara is a graphic designer for activist causes).

“Counting on Community,” as you might expect, is a numbers book. It starts out, “Living in community, it’s lot of FUN! Let’s count the ways. Let’s start with ONE.” Then it goes up to 10, with things like 3 urban farmers, 7 bikes and scooters, and 9 yummy potluck dishes. The lives/communities portrayed definitely made me think of my organizer and activist friends in D.C., Philly and elsewhere.

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