Updates soon!

You may have noticed I didn’t post my diverse reading progress for April or May. Both months are very busy on the education beat at a newspaper (my day job). I’ve been doing exciting stuff like going to the National Spelling Bee and rounding up local schools’ tax rates. … Okay, the latter isn’t actually so fun, but the bee was. I met a former Sports Illustrated reporter there who was working on a middle grade novel about a competitive speller. Sign me up to read that.

There also have been other life events that have thrown my mental concentration off kidlit a bit, but I’m re-focusing now, and I will have more regular updates here in the coming weeks.

As a teaser, here’s a photo of me and I.W. Gregorio, author of the new YA novel, None of the Above, at a local bookstore. In addition to being an author (and a surgeon! and a mother!), Ilene is vice president of We Need Diverse Books. One of my upcoming posts will be about the wisdom and stories she shared when I heard her speak last month.



Explore with me!

Hi! I’m Kara, and I’m an aspiring children’s author with a particular interest in books portraying world cultures and social justice themes. I’ve been working on my own picture books for a few years but this year I’ve  committed to the pursuit in a much bigger way. In doing so, I realized that I need to read lots more books like the ones I want to write for several reasons:

  • to improve my craft
  • to know what’s on the market
  • to better understand how picture books work
  • to enjoy and recommend them!

As I explore this world of social justice-oriented kids books, I’m going to document some of what discover. Blogs posts will include, among other things:

  • book reviews (mostly of picture books, but also middle grade and young adult and maybe occasionally adult books)
  • information on bloggers, publishing houses, organizations and others promoting diverse and social-justice themed kids’ books
  • author interviews
  • relevant news and updates

And more!

Eventually, I hope this site will serve as an author website where I can share information about my own books, but in the meantime I invite you to explore with me. Just climb aboard my pirate ship. I promise we won’t get lost at sea. (Usually.)


Oh yeah, got any good book recommendations?