Sylvie’s Chocolate Camel


Author A. LaFaye has a fun kid lit writing contest going at her blog this month. Inspired by Kevin Henkes’ sweet board book, “Owen’s Marshmallow Chick,” she’s asked writers to craft a story of a character who becomes friends with their food. Entries must be 100 words or less and shared in the comments on her blog. The deadline is tomorrow, March 31st!

I enjoyed getting my creative sugars flowing with this prompt. My entry is below. Thank you to my friend, Vivian Kirkfield, whose blog post and entry alerted me to this treat of a contest.

Sylvie’s chocolate camel

Sandra’s chocolate camel had one hump.


Then it had none.

Jaden’s chocolate camel had two humps.

Chomp! Chomp!

Then it had none.

Sylvie’s chocolate camel had three humps.

She scooped him up.

“You belong in a desert,” said Sylvie. “Not dessert.”

So she carried her camel outside, and they played in the sandbox all afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Sylvie’s Chocolate Camel

  1. This is a really cute story! I’ve never seen a chocolate camel and didn’t know they existed. Love how Sylvie takes him to the desert (sandbox). Fun story! In my head I kept thinking of a chocolate caramel camel. Now that would be very tasty!

    • I didn’t know chocolate camels existed when I wrote this! But then in searching for a picture, I found a flurry of articles a few years ago about chocolate made with camel’s milk in the UAE, some of which are, of course, shaped like camels 🙂 And yes to the the chocolate caramel camel sounding tasty!!

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