Got graphic novels?

Illustrator Mary Rockcastle recently posted a list of “9 Graphic Novels Every Girl Should Read” that look wonderful. Hat tip to Emily C. for sharing the link with me!

Although the headline refers to “girls,” I don’t think Rockcastle’s suggestions are geared to children. Some would no doubt be good for teenagers, though. I’ve only read two on the list, so getting to the rest is now among my 2015 reading goals.

For younger kids, my top graphic novel recommendation is Cece Bell’s “El Deafo.” Published by Abrams last year, it depicts a deaf girl navigating friendships and crushes while wearing a “phonic ear” device that allows her to hear her teacher anywhere in the school. (Yes, that includes when the teacher’s in the bathroom!) It’s actually a memoir about Bell’s own childhood, though she’s portrayed as a rabbit.

Here’s a video of Bell talking about “El Deafo”:

Got any suggestions for graphic novels focused on social justice events, characters or themes? If so, please share them in the comments!

(And if you feel iffy about the merits of reading graphic novels, go read this feature story I recently wrote on the subject: “Want your kid to read more? Give them graphic novels.”)

4 thoughts on “Got graphic novels?

  1. I have El Deafo and plan to review it. Think I’ve procrastinated because I’m not a fan of graphic novels. But, the subject matter and her sense of humor draws me in. I have the book, I just need to read it. My daughter was hearing impaired. Thanks for sharing the video.

    • I was not an instant graphic novel fan, either. I’m a word nerd for the most part, and graphic novels require you to look at the pages differently. As a bookseller told me for the article I linked at the end of this post, “For a graphic novel, sometimes you just have to look at the whole page for a second. Kids get that more easily than adults.”

      And yes, Cece Bell’s humor shines bright in El Deafo. I’ll look out for your review!

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